Defense and Security

Locating threats in the seabed

In the Defence & Security business, RWMT offers thorough screening of the bottom sediment in harbors or other highly sensitive areas for the presence of foreign objects, surveillance equipment, weapons, or to locate dumped mines and ammunition.
A World War II-era bomb  is detonated
RWMT's sub-bottom scanning system

Effective mapping of foreign objects

RWMT's system for mapping the bottom sediment layer is capable of locating weapons or foreign objects that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to detect.

The technique is based on using ultrasound, which generates high resolution images through vertical echoes. It is distinguished by its high resolution and dynamics, making it possible to locate and often identify objects that lays hidden from sight, buried in the seabed.

Services offered

Non-invasive scanning
of the seafloor and bottom sediment in sensitive environments
of collected raw data
of objects detected

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