Robert Wilson Marine Technologies

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies (RWMT) is a Swedish business group founded 2017.

Our customers are nation states, multinational conglomerates, government agencies and institutions responsible for the fields of environmental protection, defense, security, infrastructure, and cultural preservation.

We help the world discover the mysteries of the ocean


The RWMT management team is a diverse team with deep experience in international operations.
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Strategic advisors

Three retired admirals form the backbone of support for the CEO and chairman of the board, two from the Royal Swedish Navy and one from the Ecuadorian Navy.

At the strategic level, they interact with our partners (ministries, defence forces, government agencies, etc.) to ensure that everything we do is in compliance with international marine law and regulations.

Operational activities

The company has a strict, military-like structure with well-defined responsibilities for planning, implementation and follow-up of operations.

The company appoints an operations manager with direct responsibility for managing on-site operations.

Technical Department

RWMT’s software and hardware are developed by highly experienced engineers educated at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, with backgrounds in medical, defence and IT industries.

The technical department heads the continous development of RWMT's scanning equipment and analysis software. 

Marketing and Sales

Our marketing and sales are led by an executive vice-president with experience in defense and security, with a broad international business network.

A multinational business group

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies AB
RWMT Sweden AB
RWMT Ecuador SA
OUR Vision

RWMT will be the world leader in the mapping and discovery of our world’s oceans, lakes and waterways. Our non-invasive technology will usher in a safer age of exploration, better for our customers and better for our planet.

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