A new age of underwater surveying in sensitive environments

With RWMT’s powerful scanning system, we can now locate hidden objects in oceans, lakes and waterways without damaging the marine environment.

RWMT's sub-bottom scanning system
The challenge

To discover what has been lost in the seabed

The bottom sediment of the world's oceans, lakes and waterways hides all manner of mystery. Everything from environmentally hazardous waste, to leftover cables, underwater mines, and several million sunken vessels.
Divers exploring a shipwreck
RWMT's sub-bottom scanning system detecting hidden object
The solution

A revolutionary seabed scanning system

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies (RWMT) has developed a unique system for mapping the sediment of the worlds’ bodies of water. We are capable of locating hidden objects and structures that until now would have been difficult or impossible to detect.

Clients and partners

RWMT collaborate with several nation states, government agencies and institutions. Here are a few of them.
Republica del EcuadorParque Nacional GalápagosCharles Darwin FoundationVassamuseet

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