RWMT’s primary customers are government agencies, multinational conglomerates and institutions responsible for environmental protection and cultural preservation.
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Environment Preservation

RWMT can document the marine habitat and corals over time, or locate and identify dumped waste and tools of war that lay hidden in our seas.
Coral reef
Naval ship
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Defense & Security

RWMT offers thorough screening of the bottom sediment in harbors and other highly sensitive areas for the presence of foreign objects, surveillance equipment, mines or other weapons.
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Archeological research

RWMT undertakes scanning and recovery missions to locate and identify shipwrecks and other cultural remains. All operations are carried out under the UNESCO Convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage.
Diver exploring sunken ship
Construction on the shore
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Underwater construction

RWMT’s scanning service can be used to map the bottom sediment in order to locate foreign structures or to ensure that no cultural remains will be damaged.

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