Our people

Meet the team behind RWMT

The RWMT team comes from a variety of backgrounds including business, defense, medicine and IT industries.
RWMT's diving team in Ecuador


Magnus Lagercrantz
Anders Åman
Working Chairman of the Board and Founder
Michael Aaröe
Operations Manager
Amílcar Villavicencio Palacios
CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean

Operational team

Conducting successful operations safely places high demands on the operational staff and its management. Examples of this include diving, salvage and underwater work that is often carried out under extremely difficult conditions. RWMT has therefore hand-picked an experienced team of divers, healthcare professionals, boat operators and others, most of them with a military background. The work is led by RWMT's operations manager. 

A selection of competencies

  • Commercial divers
  • ROV pilots
  • Sonar operators
  • Boat operators
  • Healthcare team with experience in hyperbaric medicine
  • Hyperbaric chamber operator 
RWMT Operational team on site in Ecuador

Support functions

RWMT is represented by the global commercial law firm DLA Piper, both nationally and internationally.
UBS Zürich is the group’s commercial bank.
RWMT's accounting is handled by PwC.

DLA Piper
Business Bank UBS Zürich