An aerial view of the shipwreck shows the containment buffers used to hem in any potential diesel spillage. Photo: PARQUE NACIONAL GALAPAGOS/AFP vi
April 25, 2022

Ship carrying diesel sinks outside of Santa Cruz island in the Galápagos

A ship has sunk near the Galapagos Islands, with thousands of gallons of diesel leaking into the waters of the archipelago's sensitive ecosystem.

Galapagos National Park confirmed the sinking of the vessel called the Albatroz and said it was used for scuba diving excursions in waters off the islands, which are a protected natural heritage site.

Containment booms have been set up around the area of the accident in an effort to control the spill Attempts have also been made to drag the vessel back to the surface. All four of the crew members escaped the wreckage safely.

The sinking comes months after Ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso increased a protected marine zone around the islands (Photo: Parque Nacional Galapagos/AFP via Getty Images)